Entry #1

Might get some flash stuff up

2009-09-04 16:11:54 by Castlecrasher0

Hey i hope to get some flash videos up at some point but until then you can check out ma art XP

Might get some flash stuff up


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2009-09-07 12:40:41

i love him he can be my friend


2010-09-26 20:35:56

kool, ill draw this 2 fer phun, look at my account. i copy drew ur thing of tails an posted it, little problem with his shoes but still.... u have a fan that wishes he could do flash and is working towards it (stupid adobe CS5...) nice going tho, keep it up!


2011-01-26 14:44:57

That drawing deserves it's own game. I would love to play a platform game with that character. Someone should do this. Someone should create a fun game with your version of puss in boots. I'll be sure to play it often.